A 3-D recreation of Jin Chan, the Chinese symbol of prosperity.

TIMELINE: 2 Months, Spring 2020
3-D Modeling
TOOLS USED: Z-Brush, Photoshop, After Effects


JIN CHAN is a Chinese mythical creature that represents prosperity and wealth. It is said to appear during the full moon and if spotted near a house, its appearance is seen as good luck, particularly with money matters. Although I am not Chinese, my cousin, who is Chinese, gifted my family a large sculpture of JIN CHAN and it now has a permanent place in my family's living room, where it watches over the house. Whenever I think about home, I think about JIN CHAN, not because of its associated with wealth, but rather, the monument status it has in my family home.

The model was created for my Advanced 3D Modeling class using Z-Brush.